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Basically, Wardens has a fusion mechanism of Tower defense and FPS. Besides that you can pour bullets on your enemies by using stealth fighters, reveal your enemies on map by military satellites with infra-red night vision and also you can show them who is the boss by a mech which you are seated.

In this game, points you earned in every succeeded level writes down into the global leaderboard with your username. With that now you can compete with you general game scores and with other players in the world. Also your achievements will turn into XP's and with that XP's you can unlock new units.

The scenario mode of the Wardens will enables more than 10 levels with completely different climates and geographical specifications under a flowing narration and scenario. In one level you can find yourselves in a forest at day time, while the other level will be in a central of a metropol at night. The full scenario of the game is ready except little details but for not giving any spoiler I should stop here to give more details about the game.

Wardens includes single-player (campaign and challenge game modes) multiplayer and CO-OP game play.

Key Features:

Multiple view modes.
You'll primarily play from a top down view. But you'll also be able to play from FPS view in some parts of the game.

Every level has their own characteristics.
Different models, textures, atmosphere.

Environmental destruction (partial).
You'll find yourself destructing the street lamps, advertising panos, trash bins, trees, etc. at the end of the round.

Multiplayer & CO-OP.
Co-op with your friends to beat the enemies or fight against each other!

Multiple gameplay modes in one level.
Play as a classical tower defense commander, mech pilot, soldier (on-foot), assault plane pilot and more.

Real customization with upgradables and unlockables.
Upgrade and/or unlock the towers, support units, primary and secondary weapons, collectibles and more.

Windows/Mac/Linux support.

Wide language support.
Currently Warden supports 7 languages (English, French, German, Italian, Russian, Spanish, Turkish) and more possible in future.

Full Steam support.
Wardens will supports achievements, trading cards, steam leaderboards and more.

NOTE: Wardens is currently in pre-alpha stage and under active development. Some features are may be changed/discarded/added on release.