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Vanaheim Tales is a Turn Based RPG game that offers some fresh changes to the usual formula, with an interesting story, political affairs, religions at war and Angels keeping a Dark secret.

Key Features:

- 10-20 Hrs of gameplay.
- 8 playable characters to join your party.
- Unique Alchemy mechanics.
- Hundreds of Items to collect, potions, equipment, alchemy books, materials and more.
- Choice matters. You will have to choose from several paths in the story, depending on your choice you will get a different experience.
- 3 Different endings.

Other Features:

Alchemy system: In the Vanaheim universe magic was sealed by Angels so human kind stop using it as a war instrument. However some demons teach Alchemy to a few humans, Alchemy needs to be learned, you can find or buy alchemy books, to learn it. But that is not it. In Vanaheim tales there is no "MP" feature, instead, as alchemy transforms matter into something else you need materials to use the spell. Materials can be found, bought or dropped by monsters. This adds a certain level of strategy and preparation before you go out there or are surprised by a fight.

No random encounters: There are no random battles in Vanaheim tales, every monster can be seen walking or patrolling on the maps. If you don't want to fight or find yourself low on materials or health, just avoid any fight.

Skill System: Aside from Alchemy characters can use skills that use "SP" like in any regular RPG this ones however are learned by equipping certain items, Like a sword letting you use a "Double Slash" skill. This makes every Item useful even if the starts are low maybe you can use a skill that you like or works good on the enemies.

Along with all the regular systems like Elemental effectiveness, Status effects, Leveling and Exploring; you get a Teleport System, this way you don't need to spend hours walking to reach the next town or dungeon.


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