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Deep story

Aliens have invaded earth. They took our lands, our resources, our politicians... but we managed to survive. Then they took our women... (those ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥s)

It took humanity 3 years to find the only human capable of taking our women back from them. It is you (well we hope)

But they won't let you do that so easily, so kill them, crush them, annihilate them, you have our blessing !

*** end of deep story ***

Note: The game is currently in development. The trailer, screenshots and the description presented here are of the upcoming game Space Cropper 2 that is going to be playable on the web soon for free. Space Cropper X will have totally different story and extended gameplay with new features.


About Developer

Want to know more? | a little about Thomas John

You can find more information about the developer on the following address: http://www.open-design.be/