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The Old Stoics kept the world whole, and kept their magic out of the hands of mankind. Hence came the Pirate King, who found those with evil hearts willing to share the arcane knowledge. With legions by his side, he fought the Old Stoics and destroyed them all. It was then the world began to fail.

Airship Asunder gives you command of a steampunk airship, tasked with building settlements and seeking your fortune among the ruins of a dying land. Will you stand above the chaos and save what remains of our precious flat earth, or will it be torn asunder?

Captain your vessel and fly the skies of adventure! Establish new colonies, build mighty empires, search for ancient relics, use powerful magic spells and battle evil forces on your quest to defeat the Pirate King!

Taking game play and visual inspiration from the exploration and adventure of classic games such as Seven Cities of Gold, Ultima IV, Civilization, M.U.L.E. and Intellivision’s Utopia, Airship Asunder mixes a blend of retro-style graphics into a single palette, with a nod to the nostalgic days of amber and green monochrome displays.

“Live-Action” Boardgame

Airship Asunder could be described as a time-based client-server style multiplayer rogue-lite with light colonization elements and drop-in game play, but that’s a mouth full. The phrase “live-action” boardgame describes both the style and the nature of play.

The game is played on a “flat-earth” game board, square in nature, by default about 100 tiles in width. Players can move in eight directions and are able to fire cannons a moderate distance, commonly up to two tiles.

Each turn in Airship Asunder is five seconds by default. If you do not take an action, your turn passes. All players actions are mostly simultaneous. Using this method of play, the pace of gaming strikes a moderate balance between strategic tranquility and action-oriented conflict.

When you leave the game, your vessel and all it carries is saved. However, all your settlements remain active in the world and must fend for themselves until you return (provided you leave the server running). Will your robust Rome survive the barbarians, or will poor Roanoake leave barely a trace?

Server Authoritative Gaming

With an engine capable of managing hundreds of players, Airship Asunder easily scales from solo to multiplayer. All players may join public servers with a name and secure password at any time. Private servers are password protected.

Encounters are moderated by your level, and are banded such that high level enemies will tend to ignore low level players and their settlements. People of differing levels can play in the same environment without too much difficulty, making it easier to introduce new players to an already progressed game world.

Player-versus-player combat is allowed when players join one of the four factions, which also provide access to better airships. Otherwise only indirect damage from magic will affect neutral players.

The server administrator has the ability to tune the server preferences to suit their needs, and in-game controls for monitoring the environment as play progresses. You can create your own encounters, make new terrain modifications and spawn enemies on the fly, acting as the game master!

Mod Capable Engine

Built from the ground up to support game modification, Airship Asunder allows you to create your own enemies, vessels, relic artifacts, magic spells, visual effects, terrain, and more!

All graphic files are stored externally in a single install location for easy modification. Mod data files provide simple text entries for each element. Nearly all server preferences are exposed for easy adjustment.

If all players use the same mod files, they are able to play together on the same server and share the modified experience. With the ability to make your own story, the possibilities are endless!


About Developer

Want to know more? | a little about Sally Rough LLC

Sally Rough LLC is the production company for Rick Donnelly, a game industry veteran who developed some of the earliest MMOs such as Dark Sun Online and Earth and Beyond. Rick has worked with such famous franchises as Command and Conquer, Medal of Honor, Dungeons and Dragons, Lord of the Rings and Star Wars.