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Airship Asunder

Establish new colonies, build mighty empires, search for ancient relics, use powerful magic spells and battle evil forces on your quest to defeat the Pirate King!

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Fox & Flock

Can the Flock trap the Fox before it is too late? Or will the Fox systematically eat all the other dancers before they even realize he is in their midst?

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Global Soccer Manager

In this soccer manager game, you can simply choose one of your favourite clubs or national teams in the world and enjoy winning trophies.

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Instant Dungeon!

Instant Dungeon! mixes dungeon exploration with arcade action in the vein of the classic maze games from the 80s (eg. Pacman, et. al.).

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Into The Gloom

Into the gloom is a first person puzzle solving horror game based on retro style graphics. Be prepared for the horror, and to run for your life, in this pixel style horror adventure.

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Kiai Resonance

You take part in multiplayer samurai combats where one hit off-guard is fatal, and several challenges to perfect your skills.

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Lost Labyrinth

Lost Labyrinth is an Old-School Coffee-Break Dungeon-Crawling Game. Every player needs another tactic. High replayability because every dungeon is created at random.

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Micy Roll

Steer Micy in exciting landscapes, explore a whole new world, overcome obstacles to finally reach the highest mountain and fly into space.

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Plith puts gamers in a spatial setting, where they have to manage several puzzle elements (mostly gears) and must make quick decisions which can simplify or complicate their path to victory.

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Red Goblin: Cursed Forest

After a long war, "Artuo" the Knight found a book of magic and he used it to travel into the dream world along with his companion "Red" a fire goblin...

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Space Cropper X

Aliens have invaded earth. They took our lands, our resources, our politicians... Do you remember Qix or Volfied? Space Cropper X is a reinterpretation of those classics.

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Still Not Dead

Waking alone on the frontlines of the apocalypse, you run to scavenge food and arm yourself with a devestating arsenal of traps, weapons and items...

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Super Hop 'N' Bop ULTRA

Super Hop 'N' Bop ULTRA is a 1v1 arena game with fast paced skill based action. The game hearkens to gameboy action platformers, while still feeling fresh and exciting.

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Super Toy Cars

Tabletop arcade combat racing game featuring fast and cool looking cars, impressive tracks made of everyday objects and a bunch of power-ups that will let you destroy your opposition.

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Tachyon Project

Dual stick shooter combining many unique enemy types, a large variety of weapons and power-ups with innovative gameplay to ensure a long lasting challenge and discovery at every new level.

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Tadpole Treble

Embark on a thrilling adventure through sheet music in Tadpole Treble! Escape predatory piranhas, flirtatious tadpoles and more as you make your way back home.

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the house that hell built

A first person horror game that every horror fan will love. This game takes you though a house full of dark horrors that well scare the hell out of you.

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The Purring Quest

Have you ever wanted to be a cat? You will be able, thanks to The Purring Quest. Take on the role of Kimchi the cat and meet famous cat of the internet in a journey full of humor.

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Vanaheim Tales

Vanaheim Tales is a Turn Based RPG game that offers some fresh changes to the usual formula, with an interesting story, political affairs, religions at war and Angels keeping a Dark secret.

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Today is the eighth month of the first contact and now there is one thing we know for sure, they've come here not for talking...

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We help bring your game to a wider audience, deliver solutions to build awareness and to acquire new users to expand community for your game.

QA & Consulting

Collecting/reporting feedback about your game to help you improve the gameplay. We also play your game, report bugs/errors and give consulting to make your game even better. Also providing support for localization.

Marketing & Promotion

Publishing your game on a plenty of digital sales channels, creating/joining special events, promotions and make your game monetize effectively.


We take care of customer support, answering e-mails from customers, managing and updating your social profile pages and your website. So, you will be able to focus only on your game.

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